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Especificación técnica

Índice de Especificaciones Técnicas Corporativas MT/BT

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ET GlobalTítulo
E-MT-001Desconectadores Fusibles Monofásicos
E-MT-004Reconectadores de Distribución Aéreos
E-MT-006Desconectador Cuchillo Monofásico
E-MT-011Aisladores de Porcelana, Vidrio y Poliméricos para Redes de Media Tensión
E-MT-020Centros de Transformación Compactos de Superficie Tipo Pad Mounted
E-MT-023Celdas de Distribución Secundaria
E-MT-027Espaciador Angular para Red Compacta
E-MT-028Cable de Acero Galvanizado
GSC001Underground Medium Voltage Cables
GSCC003Concentric-Lay Stranded Bare Conductors
GSCC00412/20(24) kV and 18/30(36) kV Cold Shrink Compact Joints for MV Cables
GSCC00512/20(24) kV and 18/30(36) kV Cold Shrink Terminations for MV Cables
GSCC00612/20(24) kV and 18/30(36) kV Separable Connectors for MV Cables
GSCC008MV Aerial Bundled Cables
GSCC010Composite insulators for medium voltage lines
GSCC011Medium Voltage Pre-assembled cables links
GSCC01212/20(24) kV and 18/30(36) kV Smart Termination
GSCC016Metal-Oxide Polymer-Housed Surge Arresters Without Gaps For Mv Lines
GSCC021Covered Conductor For MV Lines
GSCM002MV Pole-Mounted Circuit-Breaker
GSCM006MV Single Phase Sectionalizers
GSCM012Outdoor fuse-cutout up to 36 kV
GSCS006Support for Pole Mounted Switch - Disconnector and Self Protected Voltage Transformer
GSCT003Global Standard - Self-Protected Voltage Transformers 24kV - 36kV
GSCT004Global Standard - Outdoor Voltage Transformers Up to U 36 kV
GSM001MV RMU With Switch-Disconnector
GSM005Modular Medium Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgears
GSS002Concrete poles for distribution networks
GSS003Steel poles for distribution networks
GSS004Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin Poles for Distribution Network
GST001MV/LV Transformers
GSTP011Protection and control device for MV substation – RGDM control unit
GSTP012Protection and control device for MV substation – RGDM customer interoperability enhancement
GSTP013Protection and control devices for MV substation – Communication profile according to IEC 61850 for RGDM control unit
GSTR001-1Remote Terminal Unit for secondary substations (UP)
GSTZ101Power Supply Station (PSS) for MV Switching Substation
GSTZ102Power switchgear and controlgear assembly (PSC) for MV Switching Substation

ET GlobalTítulo
GSC002LV Underground Cables
GSCB00112V VRLA Accumulators for Powering Remote - Control Device of Secondary Substations
GSCC007LV Underground Piercing Connectors
GSCC009Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables
GSCC014Low voltage concentric cables with rated voltage Uo/U(Um) 0,6/1,0 (1,2) kV
GSCC019Distribution box for aerial application
GSCC020Insulation piercing connectors (IPC) for aerial applications 0,6/1,0 (1,2) kV
GSCL001Electrical Control Panel Auxiliary Services Of Secondary Substations
GSCL002LV Switchboard For Secondary Substations
GSCL003Automatic Four-Pole Circuit-Breakers With 40 A ÷ 630 A Rated Current For Secondary Substations
GSCL004Low Voltage Fuses (NH Knife Blade Fuse System)